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Oertli Phaco
Catarhex Easy
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Oertli Phaco
Catarhex 3
Eye Light Dry Eye Treatment System
Eye Light : Complete MGD Dry Eye treatment with OPE+LM
Me-Check : MGD Screening System
Me-Check : MGD Screening System
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MGD Dry Eye Screening and Treatment System
My-Mask : Treatment for Mild to Moderate MGD Dry Eye with LM
Acquistick Digital Vision Chart
Digital Vision Chart
Advanced Vision Analyser- Portable VR Perimeter
Zeiss Products
Cirrus 500, 5000 Models
MRF Visual Fields
Melbourne Rapid Fields Visual field Test
Heidelberg Anterion
Multimodal Imaging Platform Optimized for the Anterior Segment Heidelberg Engineering GmbH
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Omniglo- Omnipresent Red Glow
Docbox EMR
EMR for Eye Hospitals

Rs. 38000 Rs.

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Healthgraph EMR
Online EMR

Rs. 45900 Rs.