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Advanced Vision Analyser- Portable VR Perimeter


Description :

Portable Perimetry Now you can perform perimetry without a traditional exam lane or high-cost capital equipment. The AVA Advanced Vision Analyzer is a small, battery-operated autoperimeter that can perform visual field threshold measurements. And not only is it completely portable, but it does not require a separate dark room.

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Product Specifications :

Patient Friendly Device 
The light-weight head-mounted device allows a high degree of flexibility in -inpatient position. They can even take the test reclined. This is particularly advantageous for aging and disabled patients. The AVA Advanced Vision Analyzer also generates a patient-friendly version of the report that helps you explain the diagnosis better.
Simple to Use
Administer the test in just a few clicks. The automated, intuitive system is simple enough that even non-eye care professionals can learn how to use the AVA Advanced Vision Analyzer quickly.

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